Tadekam Foundation
Mahavatar Babaji Tadekam Foundation (MBTF) is a unique organization, probably the only one of its kind in the world. The visionary founder of MBTF along with his dedicated team offer simple, result-oriented solutions. These practices and methods aim to end the personal suffering and ignorance that people dwell in. They promote lives of joy, excellence and illumination.
Tadekam means "That One" which is the source of all that exists in the physical and the spirit form. "That One" energy which makes creation possible. "That One" power which controls, sustains, destroys, and recreates all that is seen and unseen.
Our organization aims to bring about a greater awareness of your real connection to 'That One'. MBTF is not a cult, ashram or new religion; nor does it subscribe to any organized religion, doctrine, sect or belief system.
We offer programmes that adopt new methods of operating ancient and traditional principles of human enlightenment, keeping pace with a constantly evolving human race.
Our Founder
Guruji Naushir has been spreading the teaching's of Mahavatar Babaji since 2000. He also imparts the wisdom and knowledge he has acquired from other Gurus in the course of his journey. He founded Tadekam in 2007 to bring all the teachings and spiritual practices under one umbrella. He is in constant communication with Mahavatar Babaji whom he met in 2010.
“When you choose a Guru you become a follower.
When your Guru chooses you , then you become a disciple”.
- Guruji Naushir -
Tadekam For You
  • Learn to master your circumstances rather than be a victim.
  • Learn to swim with the flow of life rather than against it.
  • Learn to seamlessly integrate your journey of self-discovery while leading a regular life.
  • Learn tools and techniques to transform your life towards health, success, confidence and happiness.
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Our Founder
Guruji Naushir, a successful professional, was a man of the world till he met with three sages between 1998 and 2003. This propelled him to take a journey 'within', and from his intense seeking came answers to the human race's deep-rooted sufferings and miseries.
His deep compassion compelled him to dedicate his life to serving humanity and he founded Mahavatar Babaji Tadekam Foundation (MBTF) with the motto – From illness to wellness, from suffering to solution and from ignorance to enlightenment.
Mahavatar Babaji, the Omnipresent Guru, who is believed to be over 2000 years old, first started communicating with Guruji Naushir in 2000. They eventually met in 2010. Mahavatar Babaji, the famous and mysterious sage in Paramahansa Yogananda's book 'Autobiography of a Yogi', communicated certain spiritual information to Guruji Naushir. This led to the designing of the programmes and courses conducted under MBTF.
The Journey So Far...
By Dr. Seema Khaire
For most people, the 1st of January is the first day of another year, but for me, in 2005, it was the beginning of a new life as my journey with my Guru had started. Now almost a decade later as I look back at every enlightening moment I have spent in his presence, I realize how quietly and completely he has changed the lives of innumerable people through his simple and practical spiritual guidance. His practical spirituality and the way he explains what life is all about, has a deep impact on a person's thinking process and old belief system. I would like to share the story of his spiritual journey with you and the incredibly close bond he has with his mentor, his God and his Guru….. Mahavatar Babaji (the ageless, deathless sage of the Himalayas).
Guruji Naushir came to know of Babaji in 1997 through his first Guru who goes by the name of Yogiraj Mangeshda. Guruji trained under Yogiraj Mangeshda for two years.
In January 2000, Babaji made his first contact with Guruji Naushir. Probably knowing that Guruji is very skeptical by nature and not easily impressed by mediums or spirit communication, Babaji wrote a small note, in English, in His own handwriting and left it on the altar at night. The first words in the note were: "Dear Naush, I am very happy with your work….." and then went on to give him further instructions. From that day onwards a constant flow of communication began coming from Babaji with specific instructions about spreading His spiritual wisdom. Babaji indicated exactly how and through whom He would communicate and send His teachings to Guruji. I have seen these notes with my own eyes. Sometimes the messages would also come for Guruji's own spiritual practices.
In March 2003, Babaji indirectly led Guruji, through a Sufi saint near Ajmer, to his second Guru, Kundalini Gyan Yogi Avadhoot Shri Govindagiri Swamiji of Bangalore. Guru and disciple recognized each other instantly and this opened a whole new chapter in Guruji Naushir's life for the next ten years.
With the grace and love of Shri Govindagiri Swamiji, Guruji Naushir got the knowledge of Shaktipath and Kundalini Vidhya. For the first time, Swamiji handed down the power and technique required for giving Shaktipath Deeksha. He made Guruji Naushir an authentic Guru and directed him to spread the knowledge about Kundalini yoga. Guruji was now able to give the powerful initiations to activate and regulate Kundalini Shakti.
From then onwards to the middle of 2009, Guruji Naushir travelled the length and breadth of India and also Dubai in the Middle East, holding seminars to teach Reiki along with the spiritual wisdom he received from Babaji. Those who wanted to go to a higher spiritual level, he would give Shaktipath Deeksha. By now more than five thousand people had attended the programmes conducted by Guruji. In this period he set up his organization called Tadekam.
In 2009 Guruji became very restless and felt the need to do intense tapas. The moment he announced this decision and put his plans in action, Babaji communicated to him how happy He was with this decision and that a new chapter was going to begin. He also gave detailed instructions about the austerities to be observed during tapas. Guruji, being highly focused gave up absolutely everything he was doing and in November 2009 sat in complete seclusion to do meditation with such intensity that it produced immediate results.
In February 2010, he received a message from Babaji saying, 'You are now ready to see me, but you have to find me and come to me. Do not expect even slightest comfort during your stay.' With only this message and no other clue whatsoever, Guruji began a search to locate Babaji. Guruji roamed the mountains around Badrinath, searching for Babaji in caves in dangerous and remote locations. It was on the day of Buddha Poornima that Guruji met Babaji, 5 kilometers from Badrinath on the road to the Neelkanth peak. Many amazing miracles took place during Guruji's journey and the entire stay in Badrinath. But the crowning moment was his wonderful meeting with Babaji. On returning from Badrinath, Guruji introduced new programmes that encouraged people to do more meditation along with certain Kriyas given by Babaji.
Then two years later, around January 2012, Guruji kept receiving communication from Babaji saying that he must take further training under a new Guru. Seizing this opportunity, Guruji Naushir decided to request Babaji to become his Guru. A few days later, in September 2012, Babaji communicated back accepting Guruji Naushir as his disciple. Along with that message came a set of 18 stringent conditions. Of course, Guruji was very happy to accept each one of those conditions. Once again a great Master had met a perfect Disciple.
From January 2013, Guruji Naushir began the second stage of his tapas under Babaji's direct instructions and guidance. This tapas was completed at the end of the year.
I have tried to tell Guruji's life-story in minimum words possible. But my greatest joy has been closely watching the interaction between spiritual giants like Babaji and Guruji or Govindagiri Swamiji and Guruji. Particularly exciting for me is the relationship between Babaji and Guruji. It is like watching two champions in a battle of wits, but sprinkled with humor and deep love.
Once I asked Guruji that after knowing who Babaji really is and your own true identity, how do you manage to deal with common people with so much love and humility. Guruji replied, "Arrogance does not exist in my being, but assuming such a thought did arise, the very next moment Babaji's face would come before my eyes. Because my own Guru who has unimaginable powers is extremely humble. His only earthly possessions are an old woolen blanket and a pair of worn-out rubber slippers and he chooses to live in caves or under the open sky. Now tell me on what issue can I even start to become arrogant?"
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Team Tadekam
The balance sheet of Tadekam has only one asset. The asset comprises of the small but growing number of deeply committed individuals who train and work under the Tadekam banner. The collective aim of every individual associated with Tadekam is to accomplish the vision outlined in the mission statement.
What makes it unique is that all the teachers, organizers, coordinators and supporters work for the organization without any agenda of profit or personal recognition. Their motive is completely altruistic and no effort is spared to fulfill the organization's primary goal of taking humanity from suffering and ignorance towards enlightenment.
All Tadekam Teachers hold licenses to teach various courses and programmes as designed by the founder Guruji Naushir.
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Our Programs
Spiritual Programs
InConnect Seminar
A short program for orientation on the spiritual path with initiation into a powerful Guru Mantra.
Breaking Boundaries
This two day course has three levels which are carefully crafted to unleash the spiritual potential and power that lies within every human being. They break the barriers of physical and mental limitations and work energetically to heal and to progress spiritually.
Tadekam Kriyas
(Basic and Advanced)
These are very simple meditation practices, mudras and pranayam given by Mahavatar Babaji directly to Guruji Naushir.
Dhyaan Shuddhi Meditation
An intense Shiva-centric meditation program to remove negativity through the chanting of mantras and reciting of stotras
Poornima Shanti
Full Moon meditation to draw enhanced energies from the Masters through group activity.
Group Chanting
Powerful mantras given by Mahavatar Babaji chanted in groups for enhanced energetic effect
Programs for Children
An early introduction to self-empowerment and tapping into the spiritual quotient of the new age children.
4 Years to 7 Years
8 Years to 10 Years
11 Years to 14 Years
Live Smart Seminars
Gender Wise
Seminar on improving relationships
Dealing with Sexual Harassment
Learn to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace and in other social situations
The Game Changers
Understanding children born after 2000 AD
Marriage or Mirage
A new age concept of equal partnership in a marriage or within a household
You Cannot Cheat Destiny
Learn to make better decisions and to understand the role of destiny and freewill
Anger Management and Response System
A dynamic seminar on the ways in which you can understand and deal with your anger
To Be Or Not To Be Spiritual
Striking the perfect balance between the material and spiritual aspects of human existence
Get A Life
Learn spiritual principles on how to strike a work-life balance
Passion With A Purpose
Learn to work with passion and purpose, to make life more meaningful
You In A Mirror
A program which brings an attitudinal change in the way you are perceived by yourself and others
Programs By Guruji Naushir
Beyond Breaking Boundaries
Creative Mantra
Advanced Kriyas
Kundalini Shaktipath
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Govindagiri Swamiji with Guruji
Govindagiri Swamiji & Guruji Naushir
Tapas 2010
Guruji Naushir Performing Pada Puja
Grihapravesh at Dhyanmandir, Pune
Grihapravesh at Dhyanmandir, Pune
Dhyanmandir, Pune
Raw Himalayan Beauty
Badrinath Falls
Rangrasiya Mela for 350 underpriviledged children
Rangrasiya Coloring Activity
Rangrasiya Coloring Activity with Senior Girls
Guruji interacting with children
Releasing of balloons in Rangrasiya Mela
Team Tadekam with member Trustees of Nirmany (NGO)
Tadekam Children's Programmes
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"AMRIT" Wisdom of Mahavatar Babaji in the words of Guruji Naushir
Amrit originates from the Sanskrit word Amrita, which means Immortal. Amrit - the book is a work of deep love and wisdom from the immortal sage Mahavatar Babaji as communicated to Guruji Naushir. It is a guide to practical spirituality, filled with incisive insights and spiced with love and humour. It touches all aspects of life and enumerates on how to be in the world, but not of this world; making our journey on the planet balanced, enjoyable and elevating. This book is a collection of articles written by Guruji Naushir to communicate with his numerous followers during his years of tapas. Many of his disciples have asked questions pertaining to his thought provoking articles. This to and fro communication has also been included, as it reveals a fresh perspective and clarifies the point more lucidly.
"THE ECHO WITHIN" 365 Showers of Nectar
This book is a result of a small accident. More than a year back I set out to write a sequel to my first book AMRIT. Just as I was getting started, my team suggested I should bring out some kind of spiritual diary with daily quotes of inspiration and wisdom. These two or three lines would then be posted on various social media platforms, as a daily feature.
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